Custom Prints

Make Your Own Bandanna Package.

Please pay here if you have a prearranged order or would like to prearrange an order. If you have yet to arrange an order please contact us through facebook, instagram or email, or text/call 1(780)519-0088 to arrange style and logo placement.


Custom imaging from Bandanna Canada is the same as our wholesale when it comes to pricing. We use a graphic designer to perfect any images we are given to print so the finished product is the highest quality possible.

Our Design team can take an idea or logo and build it from scratch. In some cases, a small fee will be charged for imaging such as complex images needing to be perfected.


Bandanna Price Guide

Custom order can take up to 35 daysย or longer in some cases to receive due to the process but are as fast as 18 days delivered. Average is 21-25 days. We only deal with one distributor overseas, so this guarantees consistencies in every order. They have printed and manufactured Bandannas since 2008 and handle all of our business well. Our custom prints are one sided for the prices above. If your interested in sublimation 2 sided cotton prints please ask us about them. The prices will vary slightly per design and the minimum order quantity is higher.ย 

We are able to sustain orders printed on cotton, polyester and silk. Price varies from materials, Please ask us about them if you are interested.


Custom Printed Bandanna Printing Press Examples


These are great wedding souvenirs for gifts to your guests, or great items to have in packages for employees and or clients of your business.

There is nothing we can't print nor a competitor that can match our pricing when it comes to custom orders, so we hope to hear from you via email or our Facebook and Instagram messenger service, or reach out to our work line through WhatsApp via text-messages for easy transfer and discussion of your custom print.

Custom Bandanna Prints Example Design

There is no limits to our digital printing and graphics team. Get your company logo, or name and wedding date customized on your own Bandanna Package. Find any vector grade image and we can bring it to life for any occasion.

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